Excel to CSV easy solution

Converting an excel doc to a csv format that Mac OSX can be a pain in the ass every once in a while. For those of you who have issues, I have found the solution!

The Problem:

Line parsing. Mac apps (like Excel and Textmate, etc) read and write line endings as carriage returns. Terminal/unix programs read and write line endings as line feeds.

Line feed is represented as: \n 10 (ascii ordinal value) 0xa (hex)

Carriage return is represented as: \r 13 (ascii ordinal value) 0xd

The Solutions:

Luckily, this isn’t that complicated. Basically, you need to convert \r to \n, and there a several ways to do this.

  1. Change the shell encoding to a format that can read carriage returns, and then find and replace carriage returns
    $ LANG=en_US.ISO8859-1 tr '\r' '\n' < INPUT.csv > OUTPUT.csv
  1. dos2unix - a terminal program that comes with a whole set of tools to basically automate the above code

    Assuming you have dos2unix installed:

    $ dos2unix INPUT.csv > OUTPUT.csv
  1. TextMate - If you prefer GUI, you can open the csv in TextMate and “Save As” csv with “LF” line endings
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